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Inga Guogienė

MD, PhD, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


MPL-11005 (medical doctor);

MPL-18696 ( plastic and reconstructive surgeon).


2007 Graduated from former Kaunas University of Medicine (recently Lithuanian University of Health Sciences);

2005-2006 Medical Studies at Lyon University of Medicine;

2007-2008 Clinical Practice at Alytus S. Kudirka’s Hospital;

2008-2013 Residency at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Professional Certification in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;

From 2013 continues Clinical Practice the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic;

From 2013 a Lecturer at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;

From 2014 a PhD Candidate at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences;

2019  Earned PhD at former Kaunas University of Medicine.

Work experience

From 2013 works as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Alytus V. Kudirka Hospital;

2015-2019 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at “Grožio chirurgija”;

From 2019 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at “fi clinica”.

Professional Development

2012 Plastic and reconstructive surgeon center,  Lyon University Hospital, Lyon, France;

2012-2013 Bordeaux University hospital, Bordeaux, France;

2014 International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) Annual Meeting 2014, Paris, France;

2013 Platelet-Enriched Plasma: course “Aesthetic and orthopedic medicine“, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2013 “Treatment and diagnostic innovations in surgery“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2013 IQUAM congress “IPRAS international meeting of Plastic surgery trainees“, Budapest, Hungary;

2013 EWMA conference, Copenhagen, Denmark;

2013 “Polytech Plastic surgery expert meeting“, Prague, Czech Republic;

2013 Face assessment, Face volumizing. Voluma, Vycross, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2014 Face rejuvenation. Vycross, Voluma, Volbella, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2014 Seminar: „New Tissue Engineering Trilogy: Hyaluronic Acid Matrix, Cells and Growth Factors“ Lithuania;

2014 Four presentations given at EWMA conference, Madrid, Spain;

2014 Course at the laser center with M.S.Doutre, Bordeaux, France;

2014 “Baltic hand surgery meeting“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2015 Seminar “Mentor implants in plastic surgery“, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2015 Practical course “From anatomy to the beauty face rejuvenation with Juvederm Vycross“, Riga, Latvia;

2015 Seminar “Breast Reconstructive Surgery“, Trakai, Lithuania;

2015 Course „Uma Jeunesse for lasting beauty“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2015 “Application of resorbable happy lift revitaling threads with cogs in aesthetic medicine“ , Vilnius, Lithuania;

2015  Practice at Geneva University Hospital, Plastoc and reconstructive surgery center, Geneva, Switzerland.

2015 Five presentations given at EWMA conference London, England;

2015 “Advanced theory and injection technique training course for x-ha, tissue fillers and abobotulinum toxina A“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2016 “Motiva implants in practice“, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2016 Masterclass on the Advanced use of Microthaneâ Breast Implants, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2016 5th Congress of World Union of Wound Healing Societies “One Vision, One Mission“, Italy;

2016  Seminar “Fat grafting with Regenlab PRP“ Vilnius, Lithuania;

2016 “Complex treatment of trophic ulcers“, Kaunas, Lithuania;

2016 Six presentations given at EWMA conference, Bremen, Germany;

2016  Five presentations given at World Wound Conference, Florence, Italy;

2017 International Laser Surgery Conference, London, England;

2017 Five presentations given at EWMA conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;

2017 Modern cosmetic surgery: breast implants and facial injections, Druskininkai, Lithuania;

2017 Botulinum toxin Vistabel usage for face rejuvenation, Russia;

2017 “Neauvia organic fillers training“, Riga, Latvia;

2017 Seminar “Face contouring plastic“, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2017 Aesthetic medicine courses, Riga, Latvia;

2017 “Innovative technologies and their application in body and facial procedures. Carboxy therapy, plasmotherapy, cryolipolysis“, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Member of the Lithuanian Wound Management Association and the European Wound Management Association.

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