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How can I make the payment?

In order to reserve the surgery date we ask our patients to transfer us a small deposit. The rest of the amount should be paid in our clinic after your consultation with the surgeon. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro credit and debit cards and cash (Euros, American Dollars and Pound Sterling). Some banks have specific policy about payments in the foreign countries. If you are planning to pay by card, please contact your bank and let them know you will be making a payment in Lithuania, and, if needed, increase your payment card limit.

Are accommodation and flight tickets included in the price?

Accommodation and flight tickets are not included in the price. However, we may help you choose the hotel that suits your needs and book you a room. Thus, you will not need to pay deposit for your hotel room.

Does it have to be general anaesthesia?

Local anaesthesia is applied when the surgery is minor and localized on specific area, for example otoplasty surgery.

Can I combine two surgeries at once?

In most cases combining two procedures is possible. However, plastic surgery is very individual matter, thus each case is different. The surgeon decides whether two or more surgeries may be combined after evaluation of a patient's health condition, surgery technique, surgery duration, etc.

I have lost a lot of weight. When can I start planning skin tightening/body lift surgery?

Excess skin removal surgery as well as any other plastic surgery after major weight loss should be planned after the weight is stable for 1-2 years. As surgery planning may take some time, you may, of course, start planning it earlier.

Are there any age restrictions for cosmetic surgery?

Unlike reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery is not recommended for patients under 18 years old. Patients should understand that puberty is a period of time when the most significant change of body contour occurs and there is no need to rush in surgical correction of any part of it. Moreover, in most cases, the part of body teenagers are unsatisfied with matures does not require any interference of a surgeon. As for older patients, there is no upper age limit.

How long after the surgery will I stay in the clinic?

Our patients spend up to 2 days in the clinic, depending on the surgery type. The surgeon only discharges a patient from the clinic after evaluating his/her health state and blood test results.

Why can't I leave the clinic right away?

If your surgery is minor and the anaesthesiologist gave local anaesthesia you may leave the clinic on the surgery day. After more significant surgical interventions the patients stay in the clinic for at least 1 night to ensure their safety. While a patient is in the clinic we perform health tests, check the patients' condition, give full medical assistance. We only discharge a patient from the clinic after evaluating his/her health state and blood test results.

How long after the surgery should I stay in Lithuania?

We recommend our patients to stay in Lithuania for at least 5 days after the surgery. Usually the overall stay lasts for approximately 1 week. In some specific cases the stay may be shorter or longer. Your customer service representative will inform you on the stay duration recommendations in your specific case.

Can I travel alone?

Approximately 50% of our patients choose coming alone. They do not experience any trouble as we provide them with personal assistance throughout their stay. Moreover, the patient is given the contact details that he/she may use if they have any questions or need any information.

Which airport should I fly to - Vilnius or Kaunas?

Our clinic is located in Kaunas. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get from Kaunas airport to our clinic. Vilnius airport is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes away from the clinic. If you find suitable flight we recommend arriving to Kaunas airport. However, if the flight that is suitable to you arrives to Vilnius airport, it is fine, we will take care of your transportation from Vilnius airport to Kaunas and back. Transportation to our patients is complimentary.

What should I bring with me?

Patients, who take medication, that was approved by our anaesthesiologist, should bring the medication with them, so it can be taken as prescribed. Moreover, you may want to bring a computer, a book, or a magazine, to keep you entertained while in the clinic or the hotel.

Can my accompanying person stay in the clinic with me?

Your accompanying person should not stay in the clinic overnight, as it requires special ward preparation.

Will I experience any communication problems?

You will not experience any communication difficulties as all the staff in our clinic speaks English, Russian.

Should I undergo any health tests before arrival?

When planning your surgery we will ask you to fill a short health questionnaire. In some cases the surgeon, after review of a patient's questionnaire, asks him/her to undergo certain health tests back home and provide us with results. Such practice is applicable when the surgeon or anaesthesiologist have doubts about conditions a patient has and whether or not they may be contraindications to the surgery. Therefore, having some health tests before arrival helps making sure a patient is suitable for the surgery and there is no added risk. However, in most cases no additional tests are needed, all the necessary health tests are done before the surgery in our clinic.

What should I do if my BMI is too high for plastic surgery?

If your BMI is too high to achieve desirable surgery result we recommend discussing it with your customer service representative. He/she will help you and suggest you several ways we may help you lose weight. Our clinic offers quite a few weight loss programmes, both conservative and modern. Among which dietician's consultations, individual dietary plan, gastric balloon procedure, and bariatric surgery.

Should I consult my doctor before?

We encourage consulting your personal physician before you leave for treatment. Most doctors know the main concept of medical travel so their advice and critical sum up of your personal case will surely make the situation clearer.

What questions should I ask the surgeon?

The goal of consultation is to arrange surgery details, express your expectations on surgery results and clear up your mind. Do not be afraid to ask questions concerning your decision even if you think it is not important. Moreover, ask surgeon about his experience in particular cosmetic surgery. You will feel more comfortable knowing that person who is likely to operate on you is well known in this field. One more helpful tip is to ask to show pictures of his previous work. You will see the result plastic surgery provides and get a chance to evaluate whether you are happy with it.

Are there any waiting lines?

Our clinic is flexible date-wise and can usually arrange your surgery on the date convenient for you.

How can I be sure that the quality is not lower than in Western Europe countries?

Our surgeons are highly experienced plastic surgeons. They regularly arrange consultations in Denmark, Ireland and the UK. Moreover, you can ask for direct testimonials from our former patients.

Why Lithuania, as a pretty new player in the World market of medical tourism, is reliable, comfortable and worth to be chosen as a medical tourism destination?

- Lithuania is very flexible in order to penetrate into the market.
- Lithuania offers many different places for health recovery, sightseeing and activities.
- Lithuania is easy to reach – 3 international airports, small country, you can drive across the whole country just in a few hours.
- Lithuanian climate and geographical location is not troublesome – it is a save, clean and an up-to-date young Christian country located in the middle of Europe. Lithuania is a member of European Union and NATO.
- Lithuania has world class surgeons as well as clinics, and the prices for the same medical treatments are 3 or more times lower than in Western countries.

Why is the price of medical services much lower in Lithuania?

Firstly, it is because of cheaper labour force in Lithuania as hourly wage in Lithuania is usually much lower than in Scandinavian countries, Great Britain, Germany, etc. Secondly, the professional liability insurance is much cheaper in Lithuania.

How much is it possible to save while choosing medical services in Lithuania?

According to statistical data of Lithuanian Private Health Care Association, prices in Lithuania are 3 to 10 times lower than in Western countries. Your savings depend on the amount of procedures you plan to have. Even including your plane tickets and accommodation in Lithuania you may save a substantial amount of money.

How many check-ups will I have after the surgery?

Usually the surgeon has two check-ups with a patient - when discharging him/her from the clinic and the day before the patient leaves to go home. However, if the patient requires or if there is a need for an additional check-up, we are flexible and may always arrange it.

Who will remove the stitches?

Depending on the surgery type, we use dissolving and non-dissolving stitches. Dissolving stitches do not need to be removed. The non-dissolving ones should be removed 10-14 days after the surgery. The stitches may be removed in any private or public hospital. However, we do advise you talk to your GP and set up an appointment in advance.

Will I receive supporting garment or should I bring one with me?

You will receive one set of supporting garments free of charge. You may also purchase the second set in the clinic in case you want to have a spare.

Should I take care of the post-surgery medication myself?

You do not need to take care of the medication. We will give you all the medication needed, moreover, you will receive a package with the post-surgery medication when leaving the clinic. If the surgeon prescribes you some specific medication you may purchase it in the pharmacy which is in the same building as the clinic. With any other medication related questions, please consult your customer service representative.

When should I expect to see the final result?

The final result is usually visible 6 months after the surgery. However, the full recovery time depends on the surgery and in some cases may take up to 1 year. The final result is visible after the bruising is gone and both inner and outer scarring process is over. Please note, that scars may fade (become less visible) for 2 years after the surgery.

What about scarring after cosmetic surgery?

As with any surgery where incision or skin cut is present, a scar will be the result of natural healing process. However, in cosmetic surgery incisions run along natural skin folds or by the hairline decreasing the possibility of visible scar. Also special medical ointments will be prescribed. Most likely you will have to apply it several times a day for a month or two. It is important to follow instructions precisely to achieve the most pleasing result.

What is recovery period after surgery like?

You should be prepared that the final result will not be visible until several months after surgery. Most likely, the surgical area will be painful and swollen. It is normal reaction to tissue damage caused by surgical manipulation. In order to reduce uncomfortable feelings medication will be prescribed, however it does not mean that the pain will be unbearable. Every patient is individual and copes with pain differently. Your stay in hospital should last about 1-3 days. It depends on the type of surgery performed and the patient operated. During the stay, you will be encouraged to walk in the ward. Day by day you will be allowed to return to your daily activities.

Is it safe to fly after cosmetic surgery?

Flying immediately after surgery carries a higher risk of blood clot formation and there is no guarantee that it will not be fatal. In order to prevent it, we advise all our patients to stay in clinic for several days. Surgeon will recommend necessary precautions - medications preventing from blood clot formation, moving around the ward or wearing compression stockings. Only after careful evaluation of your health state, you will be allowed to travel home.

Can I get a sick note from the surgeon?

If not, how can I get it? The surgeon that will be performing your surgery may write an official recommendation about the post-surgery period to your GP. Your GP then will provide you with an official sick note.

How soon after the surgery can I get back to work?

The time to be spent off work depends on the type of the surgery you choose to undergo. If you have specific questions please make sure you have it answered during you pre-surgery consultation with the surgeon.

What should I do, if I see the signs of complications after I return back home?

We always ask our patients to stay in Lithuania for at least 5 days after the surgery. Surgical complications, if any, are most likely to show during the first few days after the surgery. Therefore, if the patient is in Lithuania, we can provide help instantly. If a patient follows the pre and post-surgery advice we give, the risk of complications is very low. However, in a very rare case that the complications do show up when you are back home you should first contact your customer service representative in our clinic. He/she will then inform you on the further action that should be taken. Of course, if the problem is urgent you should contact the nearest medical establishment

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