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Procedures in Kaunas

Cosmetic surgery

Breast surgeriesEURGBP*
Consultation with surgeon5045
Breast augmentation with round implants33003000
Breast augmentation with Polytech anatomical implants33003000
Breast augmentation with Motiva anatomical implants36003280
Breast augmentation with Motiva ergonomic implants35003180
Breast augmentation with B-Lite implants43003910
Breast implants removal without lifting21001910
En Bloc breast implant removal with breast lift32002910
Breast implant removal with capsule and breast lift32002910
Breast implant replacementFrom 3000From 2730
Breast lift27002460
Breast augmentation with fat30002730
Breast augmentation and breast lift with implants43003910
Breast augmentation and lift through nipple36003280
Breast reduction31002820
MastectomyFrom 3100From 2820
Mastectomy with implantsFrom 5000From 4550
Inverted nipple plastic surgeryFrom 750From 680
Facial surgeriesEURGBP*
Consultation with surgeon5045
-> Full facelift (forehead, mid and lower facelift)
Classic mid and lower facelift48004370
Neck lift21001910
Eyebrow lift16001460
Upper eyelid surgery1000910
Lower eyelid surgery14001270
-> Ears surgery
Ear surgery - one ear650590
-> Nose surgery (full rhinoplasty)
2700 - 29002460 - 2640
Chin surgery (including implants)20001820
Lip augmentation (fat transnfer)12001090
Facial fat grafting 18001640
Body surgeriesEURGBP*
Consultation with surgeon5045
Tummy tuck vertical incision32002910
Full tummy tuck 28002550
Mini tummy tuck 21001910
Mommy makeoverFrom 6100From 5550
-> Liposuction:
6 zones liposuction31002820
5 zones liposuction27002460
4 zones liposuction23002090
3 zones liposuction19001730
2 zones liposuction16001460
1 zones liposuction12001090
Laser fat removal18001640
Buttock augmentation with fat31002820
Buttock augmentation with implants42003820
Upper arm lift2300 2090
Thigh lift28002550
Buttock lift30002730
Circumferential (360°) tummy tuck53004820
Excess skin removal from back28002550
Weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery)EURGBP*
Consultation with surgeon 5045
Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy Laparoskopisk sleeve gastrektomiFrom 5500From 4900
Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgeryFrom 5500From 4900
Otorhinolaryngologist consultation5045
Removal of adenoidsFrom 550From 500
Surgical snoring and sleep apnea treatmentFrom 650From 590
Nose shells plastic surgeryFrom 580From 530
Nasal septum correctionFrom 1300From 1180
Nasal polyp surgery1300 - 15001180 - 1365
Full nose correction27002460
Removal of nasal adhesions and scarsFrom 550From 500
Tonsil removal (tonsillectomy)From 800From 730
Orthopedic trauma surgeryEURGBP*
Primary knee arthroplasty28002550
Primary hip arthroplasty26002370
Implant2600 - 45002360 - 4100
Hyaluronic acid injections into the joint180165
Gynaecological surgeryEURGBP*
Gynecologist consultation5045
Consultation and echoscopy7064
Vaginal laser narrowing250230
Vaginal laser treatment – improving sex life250230
Treatment of urinary incontinence14001270
Conization of cervix780710
Cervical amputation and/or plastic780710
Diagnostic hysteroscopy with biopsy780710
Labiaplasty – vulvar hypertrophy11001000
IUD Insertion6055
IUD removal3027
Labiaplasty and perineoplasty15001370
Urologic surgeryEURGBP*
Urologist consultation5045
Frenulotomy and Frenuloplasty850775
Hydrocele treatment850775
Spermatocele treatment860780
Prostate ultrasound3532
Testicular ultrasound3532
Bladder ultrasound3027
Bladder and kidney ultrasound3532
Urine flow test (urofloumetry)2523
General and abdominal surgeryEURGBP*
General and abdominal surgery consultation5045
Pilonidal cyst excision750680
Umbilical hernia900820
Inguinal hernia11001000
Abdominal wall hernia11001000
Femoral hernia11001000
Initial consultation, treatment plan5045
Dental X - ray109
Panoramic X - ray2018
3d dental computed tomography7570
Local anaesthesia109
General anaesthesiaFrom 345From 305
SedationFrom 240 From 210
Aesthetic tooth filling170 - 230155 - 210
Dental veneer “Componeer” – one tooth200182
Full oral hygiene (tartar scale and air abrasion polish)8073
“Philips ZOOM” teeth whitening – procedure at the clinic and teeth whitening kit for whitening at home300270
“Philips ZOOM” teeth whitening – procedure at the clinic220200
Repeated teeth whitening – procedure at the clinic130120
Dental jewelry4036
Photopolymer filling35-8031-70
Application of devitalisation paste1513
Full root canal treatment60-9053-80
Full root canal repeated treatment90-11080-97
Fractured tooth restoration with dental glass fibre and composite crown75-9066-80
-> Implant systems: all on 4 and all on 6
3500 - 65003185 - 5915
Partial plate (removable dentures)300 - 600273 - 546
Arch supporting prosthesis with precise locks1000 - 1500910 - 1365
Roxolid Straumann SLA implant, Switzerland640580
Straumann SL Active Implant Roxolid, Switzerland690630
Osstem implant580530
The healing heads attached to the implant6055
Bone augmentation350 - 1300320 - 1180
Sinus lift surgery350 - 1200320 - 1090
-> Chin surgery
-> Joint operations
Tooth and/or root extraction45-7540-66
Surgical (wisdom) tooth extraction75-10066-88
Primary consultation with physician dermatologist3026
Repeated consultation with physician dermatologist1412
Examination and assessment of skin formations with dermatoscope: 1 unit1816
Procedures with FOTONA Dynamis laser for skin resurfacing. Express rejuvenation (SMOOTH Mode):
Course of three facial treatments750660
Face, undereyes, neck310273
Face, undereyes, neck, chest340300
Fractional facial skin rejuvenation:
Entire face499439
Face, neck629554
Face, neck, chest849747
Fractional body skin rejuvenation:
AbdomenFrom 209 From 184
ButtocksFrom 209From 184
Inner hips289254
Stretch mark treatment (fractional photothermolysis):
One zone 13cm2 (palm size)140123
More than oneFrom 130From 114
Cold laser face peeling500440
Hot laser face peeling600528
Deep skin rejuvenation:
Face, neck300-600264-528
Neck, chestFrom 400From 352
Course of 5 treatments for face, neck, chest16001408
Face + regeneration package after procedure840739
Face, neck + regeneration package after procedure1130995
Acne laser treatment8575
Laser hair removal:
Upper lip2926
Chin and upper lip6053
Entire face170-180150-158
Underarms and bikini zone99-10987-96
Entire arm169-189149-166
Around areola4338
Chest (above breast tissue)9079
Lower legs159-169140-149
Entire leg299-369263-325
Single hair33
Hair removal for men:
Bikini zone120106
Scar treatment:
Up to 5cm28575
Up to 10cm2115101
Larger than 10cm2200176
Treatment of juvenile and rosacea acne:
Facial area90-15079-132
Single face area (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin)40-6035-53
Back area90-15079-132
Elimination of widened capillaries:
Facial area90-15079-132
Nose area25-5022-44
Cheek area50-13044-114
Neck area40-6035-53
Treatment of pigment spots, melasma, freckles and senile spots:
Facial area90-15079-132
Single face area (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin)40-6035-53
Procedures applying surgical laser:
Removal of a single naevus6053
Removal of a single papilloma15-2013-18
Removal of papillomas from face and body skin, up to 10 units3531
Removal of papillomas from face and body skin, 10 to 20 units4540
Removal of condylomaFrom 15From 13
Treatment of an ingrowing nail by surgical laser9079
Removal of a wart, mollusc, milium, 1 unit2522
Fibroma removal, 1 unitFrom 25From 22
Haemangioma removal, 1 unitFrom 25From 22
Removal of capillary haemangioma, 1 unit2522
Removal of seborrheic keratosis, 1 unitFrom 25From 22
Surgical removal of naevus or other formation80-13070-114
Piercing procedure for rings21-2818-25
Removal of skin and subcutaneous tissues. Elimination of skin defects by electrocoagulation:
Electrocoagulation of a wart, mollusc, single papilloma, fibroma, milium, 1 unitFrom 20From 18
Removal of papillomas from face and body skin applying electrocoagulation, up to 10 unitsFrom 25From 22
Removal of papillomas from face and body skin applying electrocoagulation, 10 to 20 unitsFrom 30From 26
Removal of capillary haemangioma, 1 unit2522
Elimination of seborrheic keratosis by electrocoagulationFrom 25From 22
Mezotherapy (Filorga, Revitacare):
Treatment of reactive hair loss, scar correction4540
Treatment of hair loss with MADE preparations25-3022-26
Mezotherapy of face, neck8877
Regen ACR-C mezotherapy for hair loss200176
Regen ACR-C CLASSIC217191
Regen ACR-C EXTRA258227
Regen ACR-C PLUS350308
Wrinkle correction with the injections of hyaluronic acidFrom 190From 167
Wrinkles correction with (Radiesse) injections (0.8-1.5)230202
Biorevitalisation of face, neck and dcolletage areaFrom 100From 88
Correction of external labia with the injections of hyaluronic acid preparationsFrom 280From 246
Injections of hyaluronic acid:
Wrinkle correction with the injections of hyaluronic acid preparationsFrom 190From 167
Wrinkles correction with injections of botulinum toxin:
Injections of botulinum toxin preparations (Dysport)From 90From 79
Sweating treatment with injections of botulinum toxin:
Treatment of excessive sweating260229
Skin rejuvenation (photo-rejuvenation):
Facial area90-15079-132
Elimination of widened blood vessels with vascular laser:
Nose area60-10053-88
Cheeks area60-13053-114
Whole facial area200176
Neck area60-10053-88
Chemical peeling of face:
Chemical peelings for juvenile acne, scars, pigment spots and photo-ageing of skin (Enerpeel, Mesoestetic)From 40From 35
Peeling with tricholroacetic acid (TCA)9079
Hair depilation with electric epilatorFrom 18From 16
Full body massage – 1.5 h.7570
Back massage – 1 h.6055
Back massage – 30 min.3027
Leg massage -40 min.4036
Heands massage – 20 min.2018
Full face massage -20 min2018
Lymphatic drainage massage - 20 min.2018
Lymphatic drainage massage – 30 min.3027
Lymphatic drainage massage – 40 min.4036
Lymphatic drainage massage with bandage6055

GBP* - exchange rate 1EUR = 0.90GBP (exchange rate determination the day of payment)

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