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Ingrida Žiugždaitė

General Dental Practitioner


OPL-03743 (dentist).


2010 Graduated from Kaunas Medical University Faculty of Odontology;

2010 Internship at the Kaunas University of Medicine Clinics.

Work experience

2010-2011 Dentist at the “Stomatologijos Poliklinika” Dental Clinic;

2011 General dental practitioner at the E. Adomaitytė Dental Clinic;

2011-present General dental practitioner at “Vaivadens” Clinic;

2013-2019 General dental practitioner at “Grožio Chirurgija” Clinic.

From 2019 General dental practitioner at “fi clinica”.

Professional Development

2008 International Conference: Aesthetic and Functional Solutions in Dentistry;

2009 International Conference: Global Achievements in Aesthetic Dentistry;

2009 Conference: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Advanced Dental Prosthetics;

2010 Conference: Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice;

2010 International Congress to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Prof. S. Čepulis;

2010 Conference: Dental innovations in Practice;

2010 Radiation safety certificate;

2011 Seminar: The Use of Nano-Technologies in Aesthetic Dentistry. Anatomical Composite Layering Techniques;

2011 Seminar: News in Dentistry;

2011 Workshop with Dr Valdas Vilkinis: Cosmetic Restoration of Anterior and Molar Teeth with Composites and Glass Ionomers;

2011 Conference: Prevention, Early Diagnostics, and Minimal Invasion;

2011 Practical Courses in Cosmetic Fillings with Prof. S. Radlinsky: Restoration Therapy Using Dentsply Products and Techniques (Ukraine);

2012 Workshop: Restoration of Anterior Teeth with the Composite Veneer System;

2012 Conference: Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice;

2012 Theoretical-Practical Seminar: Cosmetic Restoration of Anterior Teeth with Fiberglass Pins and Composites. Direct Repair of One Tooth Defect of a Dental Arch with a Fiber-Reinforced Composite Bridge;

2013 Seminar: Dental Implant Prosthetics with Fixed and Removable Dentures;

2013 Practical courses: Prosthetics with Veneers, Onlays and Crowns. Direct Restorations, Ivoclar Vivadent, Germany;

2013 Courses: Successful Treatment Concepts Using Metal-Free Ceramic Systems, Prof. Daniel Edelhoff, DMD;

2014 Courses: Basic principles of tooth grinding and indications for prosthetics, Giedrė Kobs;

2014 Courses: Restoration of worn-out tooth extraction paths with composites, Giedrė Kobs;

2014 Course “Function. Practical use of face arch and articulator”, Rolandas Pletkus, Lithuania;

2014 “Current news in today’s odontology“, Florian Beuer;

2014 “Full mouth aesthetic prosthesis. Comprehensive orthopedic treatment: classics and innovations“ Dr. Mauro Fradeani;

2014 International Conference: Transdisciplinary aspects of craniomandibular disorders;

2014 Course “Occlusion in the practice of a dentist“ Dr. Žygintas Jonaitis;

2015 Conference: “News in dentistry 2015“;

2015 International Conference: Aesthetic and Functional Solutions in Dentistry;

2016 Seminar: Metal free ceramic restorations: from minimal invasive prosthesis to full arch prosthesis using dental implants,Mauro Fradeani, Giacomo Fabbri;

2016 International Conference:The harmony of oral health and quality of life;

2016 Course: Metal-free ceramics;

2016 Practical course: “DSD day Lithuania”;

2017 Practical course “All about dental precision : Preparing, Methodology, Materials, Clinical Tips”.

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