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Aistė Jokubaitienė

General Dental Practitioner


OPL-03751 (dentist).


2010 Graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine Faculty of Odontology;

2010 Completed general practice residency.

Work Experience

2010-2013 General dental practitioner at “Ievos klinika”;

2010-2019 General dental practitioner at “Radviliškio PSPC” ;

2013-2017 General dental practitioner at “Vivat Vita”;

2017 General dental practitioner at “Modeldenta”;

2018 General dental practitioner at “Tauragės odontologijos centras”;

Nuo 2019 General dental practitioner at “fi clinica”.

Professional Development

2011 Seminar: News in Dentistry, Lithuania;

2011 Course “How to make clinical practice more successful: Complex treatment solutions”;

2011 Kaunas Territorial Division event of the Lithuanian Chamber of Dentists “News in Dentistry”;

2011 Practical Courses in Cosmetic Fillings with Prof. S. Radlinsky: Restoration Therapy Using Dentsply Products and Techniques, Ukraine;

2012 Workshop: Restoration of Anterior Teeth with the Composite Veneer System;

2012 Theoretical-Practical Seminar: Cosmetic Restoration of Anterior Teeth with Fiberglass Pins and Composites. Direct Repair of One Tooth Defect of a Dental Arch with a Fiber-Reinforced Composite Bridge;

2013 Course “ENDODONTICS 2013”;

2018 International Congress “Scientific advances in modern dentistry”;

2018 “Aesthetic prosthetics with laminates: dental preparation, temporary restorations, adhesive cementation, dental insulation by rubbing. Composite restoration of a tooth that has changed color”;

2018 Course “Occlusion lifting and stabilizing ABC”;

2018 Course: Modern endodontic treatment from entrance opening to canal sealing. WaveOne-Gold tooth root canal formation with one Niti instrument;

2019 Modern trends in the use of fluidized composites – “INJECTION AESTHETICS”;

2019 International congress “Dentistry Compass 2019”, Druskininkai.

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